Data conversion tasks such as data entry, cleansing, reconciliation and manipulation of financial, sales and marketing records are essential to most businesses and require specialised skills, but they don’t directly impact the bottom line. If you find that these sorts of tasks are draining your resources then it may well be worth considering outsourcing your data conversion work. In this blog we’ve collated our thoughts on how to select the most appropriate online services for data entry.

What’s in this article?

This article covers all the considerations for choosing online services for data entry support. We’ve looked both at why it’s a good idea, along with the key attributes your online service should have.

In business, data reigns supreme. Organisations across all sectors are grappling with the overwhelming volume of data generated daily. Amidst this deluge, effective management, organisation, and use of data have become important to sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Key to achieving this is keeping accurate, up-to-date databases. While many businesses attempt to handle these tasks in-house, outsourcing to specialist online services for data entry has emerged as a strategic solution.

To thrive, businesses must focus their resources on operational tasks that generate income. It makes good business sense therefore, that time-consuming, non-operational tasks get outsourced to professionals who specialise in those areas. Specialisation brings many benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved accuracy and the potential to free up your employees to focus on business activities that have the most impact.

The essence of good data management and record keeping

Before you plunge into outsourcing, make sure you know what areas of your business can be helped by online services for data entry. We’ve listed below the three most common data entry tasks that small and SME businesses deal with.

Data entry – data entry involves the inputting of raw data into electronic systems, ensuring accuracy and consistency. It includes tasks such as entering customer information, sales figures, inventory data, and more. Accurate data entry is the cornerstone of informed decision-making and helps your business processes to run smoothly.

Data cleansing – also known as data scrubbing or data cleaning, this refers to the process of identifying and rectifying errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies within datasets. This often includes removing duplicate entries, correcting spelling mistakes, standardising formats, and updating outdated information. Clean data is essential for reliable analytics, reporting, and any regulatory compliance.

Database record keeping – this is the systematic organisation and maintenance of data. Tasks include indexing, archiving, updating, and securing data to ensure accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality. Well-maintained databases support many critical business functions.

The case for outsourcing to online services for data entry

There are several advantages to outsourcing tasks like data entry and record keeping.

Cost efficiency – outsourcing tasks to specialist service providers like a virtual data assistant often proves more cost-effective than keeping them in house. You don’t need any of the overheads associated with hiring someone, and you free up your time for more important jobs.

Access to expertise – working with virtual assistant data services gives you access to expertise and experience. So you know your data is in safe hands at all times.

Focus on core competencies – choosing to work with online services for data entry and record keeping means you can focus resources and attention on the tasks that matter most to you.

Scalability and flexibility – outsourcing data entry might just be the start. Working with a virtual assistant can help you to build a range of outsourced tasks. Everything from your bookkeeping to your social media can be outsourced.

Accuracy and quality – specialist outsourced online services for data entry make sure they have the right tools and experience to carry out your work to the highest standards.

Faster turnaround – outsourcing gives you the control and speed of turnaround you need to keep your business moving.

Risk mitigation and compliance – all businesses have an obligation to make sure data is secure. Outsourcing to a virtual data assistant that has the necessary security and processes in place helps you to mitigate risk and meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Implementing effective outsourcing strategies

While outsourcing data management functions brings many benefits, it only works well if you take the time to plan. Here are some quick tips to help you get started.

Define clear objectives and requirements – before you even start looking for online services for data entry or any other business service, make sure you’ve defined exactly what you want the service to do for you – and how you will measure success.

Evaluate your outsourcing options – there are many different services offering data entry support. You need to find the option that works best for your business. Reliability, expertise, skills base, cost and business model will all need to be right.

Ensure data security and confidentiality – does your outsource provider have the Cyber Essentials qualification? Do they understand their responsibilities and yours around data protection? Will you be able to give them access to your systems? Keeping your data secure is important, so make sure you have all these bases covered.

What to look for in professional online services for data entry

IT proficiency

Data entry support specialists need to be able to display a broad and in-depth knowledge of a variety of software applications. There are many different programmes that can be used for different data tasks, so look for an outsourcing partner that offers competency in all of them to ensure the right tool is being used for the right job.


Alongside speed, accuracy is probably the most important skill to look for. Working with detail-orientated, diligent people will ensure you always receive data that is ready to use. You want to be able to leave your data with your outsourcing firm with complete confidence.


Look for companies that have a solid track record – both in delivering data-related services and in their general business experience. You may want to choose a partner that has particular expertise in your sector, or in the software you use. So make sure that you take the time to verify experience before you commit.


It is a misconception that repetitive work like data entry is suited to inexperienced, less educated staff. While there are many offshore options for offline and online data entry work, a strong command of the original language that the data is in is absolutely essential to ensure high quality work.


Your data is highly sensitive information. You have to be able to trust that you are putting it into the hands of professionals who will respect your privacy and other rights. Look for companies that have transparent policies and procedures for protecting client’s data, alongside a demonstrable record of success. If you’re in the UK, data entry services with proven security and regulatory processes are the best option. If you can’t find customer testimonials as evidence of a company’s trustworthiness, think twice,


Data entry is essential for your business processes and tasks. So, to ensure you have the crucial data you need for your next big project, you need to know that you can depend on the team providing your online services for data entry to meet, or exceed the deadlines you set.


The data entry services company you choose must have the ability to accommodate fast turnarounds. By ensuring the company you choose has a team that offers a diverse skillset and will allow work to be picked up quickly, you will maximise your investment.

Additional services

There are a number of supplementary virtual assistant services that you might find useful. For example, customer service data entry support, verifying data via outsourced telemarketing, or even a virtual research assistant to gather data to supplement your own. If you find a provider who can offer you an array of services from the outset, you could significantly reduce the time you might spend outsourcing in the future.

We hope you found our blog about data entry services useful. If you’re short on time to manage your data and would like to consider using a data entry virtual assistant or just learn more about our other virtual pa services entry feel free to call us on 0800 994 9016 or use our contact form in the menu above.


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