There are a number of reasons why online data entry services can be beneficial to business, including improved productivity and reduced labour costs. Businesses can save money and reach a level of efficiency they never thought was possible by taking advantage of a data entry service and applying it to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operations.

Instead of having employees fill in CRM data, they outsource this time-consuming task to a data entry service online. Other complimentary CRM tasks like help desk support and phone sales can also be outsourced to the same provider making yet further savings in time and money whilst maintaining business continuity.

This article will discuss the many benefits of data entry services and how they can improve your CRM operations. It will also provide some tips on how to integrate a CRM solution for small businesses with a data entry service online.

Deciding what to outsource

Modern CRM contains an incredible amount of functionality for sales, marketing, social media management, appointment setting, contact management, content management, telemarketing, and customer support. Many of these tasks can be outsourced to data entry virtual assistants or other data entry services very easily!

To take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing though, your business will have to decide which tasks it is comfortable handing over. Consider these factors when deciding which areas to outsource:

  • What is the cost of performing the task in-house – Tasks that are quite mundane, time-consuming and expensive to perform are ideal for outsourcing. For example, if your sales staff are spending hours adding customer details to the CRM or setting management appointments, consider using a data entry service online.
  • CRM tasks that require additional expertise – Some CRM tasks require a specific set of skills. For example, dealing with social media, data manipulation, content management, sales and customer support. Businesses can hire experienced providers that specialise in these areas.
  • Do you require tight control over the task? – Some businesses prefer to retain tight control over certain activities. For example, you may prefer to control all social media engagement, so your business interacts with customers in a very specific way. Other tasks like support desk activities or data entry may be less important to your organisation and more easily outsourced.
  • What benefits the customer the most? – You should think about the aspects of customer relationship management where an outsourcer can improve outcomes for the customer. Will having more staff working on the support desk lead to better outcomes? Would outsourcing to sales specialists help customers learn more about your product?
  • Should they only handle certain types of relationships? – Some businesses may prefer to maintain tight control over key client relationships while outsourcing the management of other customers. If you have relationships that are particularly valuable, you might prefer to manage those in-house.
  • Security – Is the information relating to the task particularly sensitive and meant for internal use only? If so, your business should keep it in house.

The key benefits of data entry services and outsourcing CRM tasks

Experienced providers can manage any CRM solution for small businesses. They understand the various components of CRM and use them very efficiently.  Some of the other benefits of using outsourcers for CRM related tasks include:

Your staff can focus on important tasks and not mundane ones

One of the key benefits of data entry services is that they give your skilled staff more time for other activities. Instead of replying to customer support requests or performing mundane data entry tasks, they can spend their time contributing to the business in more meaningful ways. Your sales and marketing staff can focus on their primary roles and avoid data entry.

It is an easy way to employ additional staff

It’s simple for businesses to outsource data entry services and as a result achieve much greater value for money compared to hiring full time staff. Businesses can also access some very talented and highly skilled staff that they would not easily find locally such as skilled salespeople or data entry specialists. Outsourcing data entry to specialists means that data will be processed to a very high standard. You won’t find customer records with fields missing or anomalies within the data.

One stop shop CRM management

There are a number of outsourcing companies who offer a combination of services that can deal with all of your CRM requirements.  Your business can build a strong relationship with a single outsourcing company and gain access to the best outsourcers available.

Your business can try new approaches without substantial risk

If you have ideas for improving the productivity of your business, using virtual assistants allows you to test the effectiveness of those strategies with little risk or upfront investment.

You can adjust staff numbers very easily

Your business can easily change the amount it outsources for a particular time period. If your business gets busy during a particular part of the year or certain months, you can supplement staff for that period then immediately remove them afterwards.

Your business makes the most of its CRM

By harnessing the expertise of experienced data entry workers and virtual assistants, you can use every aspect of your CRM.  With their additional help, you will be able to engage with customers more effectively, manage sales more efficiently and provide very high-level customer support.

Productivity skyrockets!

As soon as you free your skilled staff from data entry and other mundane tasks, you will notice that their productivity greatly increases.  They will be able to concentrate on the tasks they enjoy doing and are effective at.

We hope you enjoyed “Virtual CRM management – why online data entry services can make a difference”.  If you are looking for a data entry virtual assistant or a virtual CRM assistant, feel free to call us on 0800 994 9016 or use our contact form in the menu above.


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