Running a business website can be complex and time consuming. To be effective your site must be well designed, full of useful content, well promoted and free of technical errors. So you need to have a business website maintenance strategy that keeps your website functioning effectively. Site maintenance can be time consuming though; so many businesses outsource the management of online content, website maintenance and search engine optimisation.

Why outsource website management? Outsourcing business website maintenance and the management of online content can have quite a few advantages:

Your business can gain access to web experts

Outsourcing website management gives you access to expert help. You can hire experienced authors for the management of online content, security experts for website maintenance, graphic designers for marketing materials and SEO specialists for search engine optimisation.

By outsourcing to businesses who are the “experts in their field” you can ensure the success of your website, safe in the knowledge that your site will be responsive, filled with valuable content, well marketed and secure from malicious cyber attacks. You can also take advantage of your provider’s knowledge base which can help increase the effectiveness of your website and improve your businesses bottom line.

Outsourcing website management is very cost effective

Outsourcing allows a business to access staff with very specialised fields of expertise — without permanently hiring them. So by outsourcing you can avoid the significant costs associated with hiring new staff, including holiday pay, payroll taxes and other expenses.

Your business can also avoid the costs associated with training staff in skills like website maintenance or search engine optimisation. Instead your staff can continue to focus on their core areas of expertise.

Outsourcing can keep your website safe

Outsourcing your website security requirements allows you to access skilled specialists at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time staff member trained in cyber security. They will ensure that your website software is up to date and that it has all of the necessary security precautions in place.

Website security is particularly important for businesses who store the details of their customers online. A breach in security that leads to exposure of customer details could seriously damage your businesses reputation. In the worst case scenario it could result in legal action against your business!

Outsourcing can improve the effectiveness of your website

A key part of having an effective website is ranking well in search engines. A highly ranked website is much easier for consumers to find and improves your businesses brand recognition.
Outsourcing to staff who are trained in search engine optimisation can dramatically improve both your website’s rankings and performance. Some of the many tasks they can perform include:

  • Reviewing your website’s current effectiveness

  • Establish new SEO and marketing goals

  • Researching the market to analyse competitors and identify which keywords to pursue

  • Creating a complete SEO and marketing strategy

  • Supporting the implementation of your SEO strategy and website maintenance

You can also outsource the management of online content so your website’s content remains fresh, relevant and accurate. High quality content can also be used as a part of your online marketing strategy.

By delivering useful and interesting content to consumers you will increase the online profile of your business and can establish your business as an authority in the marketplace.

SEO, online marketing and content generation are all very technical fields that require a specialised skill set. By harnessing the capabilities of outsourcers, your business can gain some incredible benefits without a significant capital outlay!

Outsource to help organise your e-commerce website

E-commerce websites can be very valuable assets for businesses but they can also take a great deal of looking after to update, optimise and promote. For this reason it may well be worth considering outsourcing any repetitive or time consuming tasks associated with running them. These areas can include:

  • Creating keyword rich content to describe products

  • Processing and uploading of images and other media

  • Managing of product categories and information architecture

  • Research and arrange links to external websites

  • Maintaining pricing, freight tables, SKUs and general data entry help

Outsourcing allows you to focus on core business objectives

If you or your staff aren’t well trained in all aspects of site management it can be a very considerable drain on you core business activities. Outsourcing those tasks instead allows you to focus on what you are good at — running the business.

Outsourcers can monitor the effectiveness of your website

Web analytics can be used to track the overall effectiveness of your website, provide insight into the kinds of people using your website and much more. However, it can be difficult to set up analytics correctly and identify which pieces of information are useful for your business.

An agency familiar with analytics software can help you use the data it provides effectively. They can set the analytics software up on your website, create KPIs, make easy to read to reports and much more. They can help you understand more about your visitors, your website’s performance and the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Outsourcers will ensure your website data is safe

Your website’s data is a very valuable asset that must be protected from cyber security threats and hardware malfunctions. The best way to do that is by backing up your website and business data to multiple locations.

Outsourcers can help you create a backup process, organise your data and validate your data backups. They can also set up processes to deal with hardware failures or network problems. These processes will ensure downtime on your website is kept to a minimum.

Your business can gain access to PPC experts

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a very effective advertising method for businesses. However, creating a cost-effective PPC campaign takes a great deal of experience, skill and training. Managing PPC campaigns can also take a lot of time, which your business may not have available.

Businesses can take advantage of the skills of agencies who specialise in developing PPC campaigns. They can create ad campaigns, research keywords, perform split testing, create landing pages, monitor conversion rates and much more.

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