If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you understand how valuable time is. One way to deal with a shortage of time is to outsource your everyday tasks so you can focus on more important parts of your business. As the saying goes — do what you do best and outsource the rest!

A common question faced by small business owners and entrepreneurs though is what kind of tasks can be outsourced? This article looks at the top ten tasks to outsource for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

#1 — Bookkeeping and tax returns

Business owners spend a surprising amount of time performing bookkeeping tasks and lodging tax returns. So one of the best jobs to outsource can be bookkeeping because it’s so time consuming. Business owners could save hours every week if they used an outsourced bookkeeping service instead and feel confident knowing that their financial affairs are being handled by a trained professional.

#2 — Social media

Social media has become a very useful resource for businesses in the past 10-years. It is a useful way for businesses to engage with their customers, provide customer support and promote their products. Unfortunately, running a social media campaign can also be very time consuming.

That is why many businesses outsource social media management. It is easy to find a skilled social media marketing virtual assistant who can run your entire campaign  — ensuring it is a success. They understand the best social media platforms to use and the right ways to engage users.

#3 — Website content creation

There are many great reasons to outsource your content creation for your website. Your website should be full of high-quality content that is useful to readers and helps to sell your product or service. It should be structured in a way that works well for search engine optimisation and convinces sales prospects that your company is reliable, professional and trustworthy.

Writing content that achieves these goals is not always an easy task! Thankfully, you can hand the task over to a virtual content manager who has the knowledge necessary to write exciting and effective content that leads to sales.

Another one of the reasons to outsource your content creation is that it is a time consuming task for most business owners. Unless you were an English major in college, you are better off assigning content creation tasks to a professional. By outsourcing data entry work, you can ensure that your website is frequently updated, effective, accurate and full of useful content.

#4 — Business research

If you want to outsource your everyday tasks effectively, you need to look for repetitive time consuming business tasks that can be performed remotely. Business research definitely falls into that category.

Your business can hire a virtual research assistant who will scour the Internet to find the information that you require. You can save a significant amount of time and get back to working on your business.

#5 — Email management

You would be surprised at how much time the average business person spends organising their email inbox each day. If you receive a lot of emails, it will dramatically eat into your time — which is why email management is one of the best jobs to outsource.

A virtual assistant email management service can categorise emails by importance, reply to emails on your behalf, remove redundant emails and much more. They can save you hours each day and improve outcomes for your business.

#6 — Travel Planning

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often spend a lot of time traveling. That means they also spend a lot of time online, finding the best deals on hotel rooms and flights — too much time!

Business travel planning is one of the best jobs to outsource because it can save you time and money. A business travel virtual assistant can spend the time necessary to find the best deals and save you thousands of pounds on travel costs each year.

#7 — Website search engine optimisation

Unless you are an expert in search engine optimisation, you will require some professional help for this task. Even if you do know a few things about SEO, the field is constantly evolving and always time consuming so your business would probably benefit from getting some support. You can find SEO virtual assistants who live and breath SEO. They can save you time in this area and help your website improve its search engine rankings.

#8 — Following up on your marketing campaigns

If your business is running a marketing campaign, it is important that you capture all the leads that the campaign is providing. Whether your leads come in via form submissions, emails or phone calls your business could hire a VA team to capture those leads in your CRM, follow up and nudge them into your sales pipeline. By outsourcing this portion of your sales pipeline you can ensure that all leads are actioned immediately maximizing your chances of making a sale. It might even make sense to consider using a virtual customer service assistant to compliment the follow up process and ensure you have the time you need to focus on growing your business.

#9 — Researching your competitor’s online activities

Most businesses and entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to what their competitors are doing online. By examining the techniques that your competitors are using to attract customers in the online space, your business can develop more effective online strategies. A virtual social media assistant can help you identify and understand the tactics that competitors are using.

#10 — Artwork creation

All kinds of artwork can be outsourced, including logos, business card designs, website designs and promotional materials. Hiring a talented designer to perform this work will help your business appear more professional.

We hope that you enjoyed reading “Top ten tasks to outsource for small business and entrepreneurs”! If you would like more information about our virtual employee services for small businesses, please call us on 0800 994 9016 or use our contact form in the menu above.


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