It’s difficult to run a business by yourself. Who do you talk to? Who helps you plan for the long term? Who holds you to account? It can sometimes feel lonely, and a burden – and that’s not what you got into business for. That’s why many business owners bring in a business coach – someone who can see things from an objective perspective, has the knowledge and experience to challenge and guide, and is able to make sure you meet your commitments. With access to a wide range of business coaches to support our clients, here’s our quick virtual assistant company guide to business coaching.

Why use a business coach?

To many small business owners, a business coach may sound like a luxury. When you talk to owners who have had coaching, however, they’ll tell you that the guidance they give will support you to take big and small decisions, to set a clear and ambitious path for your business that matches your lifestyle requirements, and to allow you to maintain and measure progress.

Of course, there is your investment to consider – but a business coach will give you ideas and spot opportunities that will help your business to grow sustainably and profitably, so your investment is just that – an investment into a better, more organised, less stressful and more productive future for your business.

Finding the right business coach

Just like any other relationship, it matters that you choose the right coach for you. This will be someone who understands your values, your ambitions and your working methods. It will be someone whose approach fits with yours, so that the relationship is supportive, not combative. And it should be someone who is not afraid to challenge your thinking, doing so in a positive way that gives you the confidence and support to change.

Usually, people find a business coach by recommendation from within their network, or from an organisation they are already working with, such as their administrative assistant services provider. Always arrange an initial meeting with anyone you are considering – this will give you a good idea of the approach, coaching style and fit before you commit yourself.

How a business coach can help

The ways a business coach can help you will depend on your needs. You may want a coach to support you with a specific project – such as launching a new area of the business, or helping you to manage reorganisation. Other business owners want a permanent business coach to help them design and manage their business strategy and understand how best to implement that strategy effectively.

A business coach can deal with high-level strategic support only, or can get involved in helping you to see how to do things better – like outsourcing key tasks such as daily task management, email inbox management or bookkeeping and business services. They can also help you to:

Improve your leadership skills – as your business grows, you will need to manage more people and lead them effectively. If you are new to leadership, or it has been a while since you led a team, it’s a good idea to use a business coach to make sure you manage your teams positively and productively.

Gain new perspectives – business owners often have their heads down, working hard in their business. This means it’s hard to take a step back, view the business objectively and see where your can move forward. A business coach can assess, challenge and support you to take the next steps in your business journey.

Set and measure goals – working with you, a business coach will help you to set measurable goals to help move your business forward. They won’t do the work for you, but they will keep you motivated and hold you accountable for progress.

If this virtual assistant company guide has sparked interest in not only what a business coach could do for you but also how a VA could help you on your journey, why not call us on 0800 994 9016 or use our contact form in the menu above to find out how we could help?


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