One of the disadvantages of social media marketing is the challenge in keeping it creative and fresh. Here are some tips and tricks to make interesting and engaging content for your social media target audience:

Quality not quantity:

Regular updates are important but not if the content is poor quality. Ensure your content is relevant and useful to your target audience. Information that solves a need is the most important.

Me, Me, Me!:

One of the most common misconceptions of social media is that it’s OK to create a stream of promotional posts or only post links to your own website. Social media needs the human touch; create conversations and share other’s relevant and/or compelling content.

Keep it short:

Shorter content often gains more views and better engagement.

Include links:

Embed a link in the post to more information taking the reader to content or a landing page, where the recipient can explore the subject in more depth.

Be funny:

You don’t always have to be serious, funny social media also has a place. Think outside the box with a humorous way to engage and people will love you.

Ask questions:

Great for starting conversations or getting feedback – just ensure it’s not too complicated or controversial. Q&As can build credibility and help connect with potential clients. You may be surprised who answers!


Create a contest; social media audiences love to take advantage of competitions so ask a question or request photo submissions, but ensure you observe the social network’s rules around contests and that you have your own T&Cs in place. Contests can start conversations and in turn grow audiences.

Post a quote:

Find something that’s relevant to the day, a particular topic, or just something relevant to your industry. Connect it back to your own business by sharing the quote with a link to relevant content you’ve created. You can also turn a quote into a graphic to encourage sharing or ask a question relating to the quote to attract interaction and feedback.

Current news:

Look at what is currently trending and create your own content around it. Your chosen topic doesn’t always have to directly relate to your business and whatever you chose it will ensure your post is current and popular.

Infographics, videos, photos:

Intersperse your text only updates with visuals posts. This will boost the potential for it to be shared and increase the levels of engagement. Don’t forget to encourage your followers to share – if you ask, they are more likely to do it.

Calendar content:

Public holidays, events or seasonal dates that can be tied in to the business are timely and can be unique. Create copy and visuals that connect with your market for that particular occasion.

Content sources:

Inspiration is everywhere. Try using Google alerts for material. Share current events, industry blogs or websites with your audience. Research what your competitors do and do it better or get some help with social media marketing content creation.

Whatever the content, remember it’s about building a relationship with your audience by interacting with them. If you’re looking to hire a social media manager or would like to know more about our virtual pa’s feel free to contact us on 0800 994 9016 or use our contact form in the menu above.


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