Organisation is key to business growth. It helps to reduce margins, improve customer service and increase sales. An organised approach to task and time management can put your business in a great position to move forward, and will free up your own time to concentrate on the things that matter.

Is your business disorganised?

Most businesses can benefit from better organisation. You probably already know where your weak spots are – perhaps in your bookkeeping, or your email management, or in keeping on top of your sales funnel. But what could this be costing your business? Poor organisation can result in:

Missed sales

Without keeping on top of existing customers, prospects and the ‘awareness’ end of your sales funnel, you could be missing out on much-needed opportunities to bring more money into your business. From up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers, to following up on requests for more information or sales appointments, a disorganised system means that sales could drop through the cracks and potential customers could go elsewhere. Better CRM management services could help you become more organised and catch more sales.

Lower margins

The more time and effort it takes to make a sale, the tighter your profit margin will be. A disorganised approach to running your sales process takes more time and costs more money, and this all impacts your bottom line. Organising your sales processes means that each sale can take less time, and your margins will improve.

Poor productivity

If you’re employing people, you want to make sure they are at their most productive all the time. But if filing is disorganised, tools are misplaced, and appointments are made randomly, your people could spend more time looking for things and sorting stuff out than actually working hard for your business. Things like inbox management, to-do list management and filing organisation can all make a significant difference to productivity.

Wasted money

All businesses need to keep control of their cashflow. A disorganised approach to the money coming in and out of your business can mean that you’re leaking cash when you really don’t need to. Doing something simple like introducing expense management, outsourcing bookkeeping and making sure you know exactly how the money flows around your business means you could save money just by introducing a few easy measures.

Increased stress

Disorganisation creates stress. You know things aren’t working and that your business is missing out, but you don’t know where to start to put things right. Many business owners and leaders are highly creative, so the details need to be outsourced to employees or agencies who can keep on top of things while you get on with growing the business. For example, a virtual CRM assistant can make sure your customers are looked after and your prospects are properly followed up, helping to reduce your stress and boost your business.

Simple task and time management can reduce disorganisation, helping you get your business on track for growth. An organised business can track sales, analyse margins, increase productivity and work efficiently. And it’s easier than you think to get started.

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