Who needs a virtual assistant?

If you’ve too much lined up, perhaps you do!

Who needs a virtual assistant

Who needs a virtual assistant?

If you’ve too much lined up, perhaps you do!

Who needs a virtual assistant?

If you’ve too much lined up, perhaps you do!

Juggling. It’s the one thing our clients have in common. They waste too much energy on time-sapping tasks. Things that need to be done, but take time, getting in the way of developing their business.

Why choose a virtual assistant?

Working with Oneresource you’ll find out how virtual personal assistants can be a breath of fresh air. Finally, you can get on with the work you want to do, rather than the tasks you have to do. And there are tangible benefits too:


  • Start immediately – no recruitment, training or inducting staff.
  • No holiday, sickness and statutory absence to manage
  • We already have the support skills you need
  • We cost less than employing someone and only charge for hours worked.

Virtual business services from the experts

As established virtual assistants in Oxfordshire with over 20 years’ experience, we can assess your needs and start to help straight away. 

Our approach is simple and effective:


  • Understand your business to see how we can reduce the pressure.
  • Sort your tasks – those that you add value to and those to delegate.
  • Agree a way of working that suits your budget.
  • Keep in constant contact, adding or reducing tasks where needed.

How to get started

Break your list of tasks that need to be done every day into tasks that:


  • Only you can do
  • Generate money
  • Don’t add value but are essential
  • Are frustrating and time-consuming
  • Stop you developing your business
Why choose a virtual assistant

Once you have your list, think about which of those tasks you could outsource to a virtual assistant.

So who needs a virtual assistant? If you run your own business, chances are you do.

What our customers say

Oneresource are friendly, super – efficient and very professional – their help has been invaluable – thanks!

Director, Coaching for Leaders Ltd

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