Why Hire a Virtual Assistant ?

Time is money so cut employment costs & complications with a virtual secretary

Why hire a virtual assistant websites Oneresource is the best place to hire virtual assistant

For many small companies, start-ups and sole traders their key issue is too much work and not enough hours in the day. It’s a common complaint, in any economic climate many small business owners are reluctant to hire additional staff. A new employee is a large financial commitment that often needs to be balanced against growing the business.

If you find yourself in this situation, then maybe it’s time to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. Don’t soldier on trying to perform every task from sales to book-keeping and from marketing to debt collection when instead you could hire a virtual assistant online.

Virtual Assistant companies don’t just cover clerical support like sending emails, creating spread sheets or answering the telephone. At Oneresource, we have assembled a group of people who have long-standing experience in their field and are ready to help you.

Oneresource Virtual Assistants UK VA hire providing a virtual PA service Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Whether you need a book-keeper to keep your expenses on track, a secretary to create documents and spreadsheets, marketing support to generate content, leads and set appointments or assistance with social media – we can help. In fact when hiring a virtual assistant service it’s essential to select a company that can handle a wide range of different support roles. One of the key benefits of any VA service is its ability to provide a breadth of service that no single employee could easily offer.

Like all top virtual assistant companies we can manage your diary, arrange travel and meetings, find you the best deals for products and services, organise itineraries and events, enter orders, send out invoices and remind customers to pay outstanding bills.

And really, that’s only a small part of what working with virtual assistants can do for your business. So why not take a moment to take the Virtual Assistant Audit? Mentally walk through your business and consider all the tasks waiting to be done. Which tasks MUST be done by you? Which tasks take a long time to complete, are repetitive and/or add little value? Which tasks are frustrating and stop you from doing what you’re really good at? Which tasks prevent you from growing your business?

Newsletters, sales appointments, room bookings, proof reading, handling spam email? Make a list and come talk to Oneresource. Let’s see how much time we can save you every day!

So what are the top reasons to hire virtual assistants? Hiring a virtual assistant can save you time, of course, but you also benefit from not having additional costs, long-term commitments or complications with employment law to deal with. We can work for your business for two hours a month or six hours a day. Flexibility is our strength – and we’re as flexible as you need us to be.

So, why hire a virtual assistant? If you run your own business, chances are you could benefit from us tailoring a solution for you.


Hiring virtual assistants will give you:

    • Top quality professional service
    • Flexible, reliable support designed for you
    • All the skills and no employment complications

You’ll have time to:

  • Concentrate on the things which only you can do
  • Develop the full potential of your business
  • Maintain a balance between work and home life

If you want to find a virtual assistant business to support your growth call us for a free consultation today.