Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?

If you’ve too much lined up perhaps you do

Who needs a virtual assistant

There’s no such thing as a typical Oneresource client, although most clients are running small or medium sized businesses. What they have in common is that they are time jugglers who know that time is money. Routine tasks can be insidious time stealers. Before you know where you are, you’ve spent the morning ploughing through your email inbox or raising invoices when you should have been completing a lucrative piece of work for a customer.

Why choose a virtual assistant?

By getting to know you and your business we can identify the tasks which we can do more cost-effectively than you can without the additional costs or complications associated with employment. Because we’re very experienced in providing virtual business services, we’ll handle your back office tasks in a fraction of the time it takes you – at an hourly rate which is probably a fraction of what you could earn in the same time. Playing to our strengths, we keep the wheels oiled in the background while you work more productively for your clients and profitably for yourself.

We know how difficult it is to let go of things you’ve always done your own way. So we work hard to develop a real understanding of how we can represent your business in the way you want.

How our virtual personal assistants can help

Our first step is always to sit down with you and work out how we can take the pressure off. Some things will be obvious – answering the phone when you’re not there, sorting your emails, managing your monthly expenses spreadsheet, book-keeping or chasing late payments. Others will emerge as we go through your To Do list, tailor-making services to meet your individual needs.

We will do an audit which splits your regular tasks into two lists – things which earn money and others which just take time and don’t bring in income. Then it’s clear where Oneresource’s virtual assistance can contribute to your profitability.

Here’s an example:

Why choose a virtual assistant

Keeping in touch

We are virtual assistants in Oxfordshire servicing clients throughout the UK but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to keep in touch! On the contrary, we make sure we catch up with clients regularly so we can review our effectiveness and set new work plans. We can keep in touch using whichever form of communication suits you best.

So who needs a virtual assistant? If you run your own business, chances are you do.

What our customers say

Oneresource are friendly, super – efficient and very professional – their help has been invaluable – thanks!

Director, Coaching for Leaders Ltd