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website management and maintenance

Is your website content up to date, has your marketing message changed or do you spend hours trying to update your site? Outdated content can leave a poor impression and lead to a lack of confidence in your products and services. Paying web designer rates or handling website management and maintenance yourself can be an expensive solution. Using Oneresource as a low cost website management resource could be an effective alternative.website management and maintenance | © one-resource.com

If you have a blog, content management system or e-commerce platform, Oneresource can provide the project management for your website.  Whether its generating content uploads, blogs and press releases; managing PPC campaigns, visitor live chat or link checking and website management there are many areas that we can help with.

If you want to drive traffic to your site, create the right impression for visitors and rank highly in search engines it’s essential to keep your site updated. An unprofessional site is nearly as bad as not having a site at all. Out of date site sections can send the wrong message to visitors and search engine algorithms alike. To avoid these issues we can help with areas such as website document management, pulling together key-word rich content on new products, services or blogs and arranging associated videos or images with SEO friendly alt tags.

Alternatively we can help list products for your e-commerce sites, process and upload product images, write product descriptions and manage product categories. If you need more help we can even research and arrange links to external shopping sites, maintain pricing and freight tables or generate analysis and reports.

If you need help with your blog we can research industry leaders and hot topics relevant to your products or services to provide content to post. By letting us assist with your blogging activities your business can benefit from being seen as a regular source of industry relevant information that potential clients will want to read.

If you need someone to help with your website management and maintenance and improve SEO call us for a free consultation to tailor a solution that would work for you.

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What our customers say

Oneresource were a reliable safe pair of hands that always delivered to a very high standard giving me the confidence to turn tasks over to them with minimal ongoing input from myself.

For a small amount of time each month they researched keywords, managed copy writing and upload of our articles, researched and wrote social media updates then managed our social media presence connecting with our target audience. They quickly got to know key information about our business and it wasn’t long before I was spending less time explaining our industry and more time focusing on key priorities.

They handled our keyword research and blog schedule with minimal supervision and we didn’t have to worry about payroll or paying them to work when we didn’t need them. Oneresource’s assistance exceeded my expectations and allowed me to increase my productivity enormously.

Director, Road Data Services Ltd