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Affordable SEO services to small business

Affordable SEO services small business

SEO Virtual assistants| © one-resourceOneresource SEO virtual assistants can provide you with on going support for your SEO by following well structured development plans, delivering effective content marketing with SEO at its core. With Google’s increased focus on content and freshness, the mounting importance of local search and social media, SEO projects are changing. The “easy win” SEO strategy for small business is becoming increasingly impossible to achieve. In contrast websites with effective content marketing strategies and a strong SEO backbone continue to produce the best results.

A Oneresource virtual assistant can support SEO advertising providing affordable SEO for small business throughout the following five key stages:

Stage 1: Small Business SEO Program – Website Status Reviews

Unfortunately, site owners are not always aware that it’s better to plan SEO before investing in a site so a status review may be necessary. We can arrange reviews of your layout and navigation, keywords, content, outbound communications and technical SEO. Competitor sites, analytics, social media uses, follower profiles, rate and style of social interaction could also be evaluated.

Stage 2: SEO Marketing Support – Goal Review

Goal review determines the type of prospects you want to target (geographically, demographically and by industry) and what you want your site to achieve. It could be you are looking to gain new clients, interact with existing clients, generate sales and enquiries, make money or all of these and more.

Stage 3: Market Research and Data Analysis

To establish your keyword search strategy and SEO marketing plan we could arrange the following:

  • Keyword research: high search demand low competition keywords that prospects would use to find your products and services.
  • Industry research: blog and forum searches for hot topics, customer issues, commonly used words and phrases etc. for additional keyword research.
  • Competition analysis: page rank and back link profile. The better the results, the easier the page or site will gain traction and attract traffic.

Stage 4: SEO Small Business Marketing Strategy Planning

No two online marketing plans are the same and each individual strategy may contain a mix of, site blueprint, content, blog, newsletter or social media plan and local SEO for small business search strategies

Stage 5: Support for SEO Project Implementation

Implementation depends on the level of help you require from a virtual SEO assistant but could include:

  • Restructure website and/or re-write existing content
  • Apply content SEO technical marketing to existing website
  • Add Google Analytics and monitor traffic for target audience
  • Research and/or arrange blog posts
  • Create newsletters
  • Manage social media presence and research content
  • Create local search listings

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What our customers say

Oneresource were a reliable safe pair of hands that always delivered to a very high standard giving me the confidence to turn tasks over to them with minimal ongoing input from myself.

For a small amount of time each month they researched keywords, managed copy writing and upload of our articles, researched and wrote social media updates then managed our social media presence connecting with our target audience. They quickly got to know key information about our business and it wasn’t long before I was spending less time explaining our industry and more time focusing on key priorities.

They handled our keyword research and blog schedule with minimal supervision and we didn’t have to worry about payroll or paying them to work when we didn’t need them. Oneresource’s assistance exceeded my expectations and allowed me to increase my productivity enormously.

Director, Road Data Services Ltd