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Email is a cost effective medium for marketing communications but many small business owners find managing the process an expensive chore. Oneresource’s marketing email service can help ensure you don’t miss out on connecting with existing and potential clients.

If you don’t have the time to grow your email prospect list, keep in touch with contacts or generate leads via email we can help. Whatever your situation we can support part or all of the design, editing, proof and delivery process.

Marketing email service | © one-resource.comBy using us as your email marketing resource we can manage your permission-based email lists, sending regular mails to keep you at the front of your prospects mind and arrange copy writing or the design of HTML templates if required. In addition we can set up your campaigns to be shared through social media, monitor them to track interactions or segregate distribution lists to improve targeting and conversion rates.

So if you are looking at outsourcing to an email marketing service why not consider a virtual assistant for email marketing instead?

If you would like to lessen the chore of connecting with existing and potential clients by using our marketing email services call us for a free consultation to tailor a solution that would work for you.

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What our customers say

Oneresource supported the development of my business for over a year. They very quickly understood my niche and handled all of my social media tasks including research, scheduling and interaction that used to take me hours but took them less time and improved engagement as well. I also liked the fact that if I had a one off task come up outside of the support they usually provided I could get that taken care of as well. As a result I was able to focus on my clients and grow my business to the next stage.

Oneresource were the ideal partner and I would recommend them to any other small business owner looking to grow.

Director, Chris Fry Consulting Ltd