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crm data entry services

Your contact list is one of your business’s most valuable assets which can be used again and again to enhance sales and marketing activities. Whether you’re working on lead generation, a mail campaign or sales pipeline management an accurate database of your contacts is therefore key.

crm data entry | © one-resource.comOne of the best ways to manage customer information is to use a contact or CRM system. If however you don’t have time to manage such a system, maybe we can help with your CRM data entry, leaving you free to focus on following up and making that sale.

The better equipped you are to manage your customer information the better your ability to manage your relationships with them. CRM for SME s can help manage your data and whatever your chosen platform, with our CRM experience,we can share access and update your database as appropriate. We could maintain your contacts, enter new leads, make notes and set tasks on your customers and prospects. Alternatively let us manage your CRM sales pipeline from end to end, enter data from surveys, maintain service records or manage your ecommerce customer data.

If we provide you with other VA services we can dovetail them neatly into your CRM management as well. For instance if we look after your emails we can store important correspondence in your customer records or if we answer your phone we can update your CRM directly with calls from prospects. If you don’t have an effective CRM system right now we could even support you in finding the best CRM solution provider for your business.

Are you using CRM as effectively as you could be? If you are looking to outsource CRM data entry to improve your effectiveness, call us for a free consultation to tailor a solution that would work for you.

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What our customers say

Oneresource filled a gaping hole when our office manager left and we re-structured our business. They quickly learned how to work within our complex database and provided much needed support, efficiently and cost effectively whilst also being communicative and friendly. Although our needs have changed, we wouldn’t hesitate in coming back to Oneresource should things change again in the future.

Director, Steele-Dixon Ltd