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Managing a busy diary is never simple; in fact some diaries can be so complex that it’s almost a full time job on its own. Keeping a burgeoning diary organised requires a decisive yet flexible approach and this is where our virtual online diary management service could benefit you. online diary management | ©

As your virtual diary assistant we can arrange meetings, taking into account travel times and keep an eye on your appointments to find solutions if they can’t go ahead as planned. At the same time we’ll keep travel to a minimum, cluster your appointments and remind you of deadlines making sure you have supporting documentation when you need it. We can even suggest simple time management tips, such as colour coding, to differentiate between types of appointment making your day or week ahead clear to understand at a glance.

With our diary management service your appointments, meetings, telephone calls, travel and events can be booked on your behalf, so you’ll get more from each day. Both your business and personal diary can be managed through a variety of platforms and can be easily shared, allowing you to add your own events or block time off if required.

Let us be your personal virtual assistant for diary management and we’ll take over your appointment preparation and follow-up leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

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Oneresource did the work for us quickly and effectively. Not only did they complete the work as asked but also thought about the need more widely and proposed a better, more efficient way of working. So an intelligent approach too!” 

Chairman, MD2MD