Proposal virtual assistant

Virtual support for professional sales documents, quotations and invoices

quotation and proposal generation

Once you’ve met with potential new clients, we can provide support preparing sales quotation documents, offers or proposals for you. We can help prepare bids and tender documents or arrange and send contracts.

When working on quotation and proposal generation it goes without saying that you want to put your business in the best light. Making the case, deciding on the content and countering potential obstacles are the areas where you add value but the rest of the associated time consuming tasks could be handled by a proposal virtual assistant.

proposal virtual assistant | | © one-resource.comOutside of the main drafting process we can help ensure proposals are written clearly and succinctly or work with your legal advisors to develop first draft contracts. We can also save you time by adding contents pages, business terms and appendices or when appropriate insert graphics such as, charts, tables, pictures and organograms. Although these activities are not core to the main drafting process they are essential, if not time consuming necessities, to bring a proposal to life and ensure the sale is reinforced.

Finally we’ll always proofread proposals to catch typos and standardise formatting ensuring it reads as if it were created especially for a particular client.

So if you would like a proposal virtual assistant to take over the grunt work of quotation and proposal processing for your business call us for a free consultation to tailor a solution that would work for you.

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What our customers say

I have no hesitation in recommending Oneresource most strongly. Having worked previously with a number of virtual assistants, I know that Oneresource is special. The combination of their experience and team culture enables them to be highly effective in everything they do for me. Perhaps most important however is just how easy it is to work with them. Oneresource take away my administrative distractions, enabling me to spend my time most effectively. Thanks for all of your support!

Director, Real World Strategy LLP