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Whether it’s having an initial chat with a potential customer, follow ups, keep in touch calls or sales leads to qualify we’ll make the calls so you don’t have to. We’ll help to create a more professional impression of your business whilst freeing up your valuable time.

Employing outsourced telemarketing services to make initial calls or qualify prospects not only protects your time, but also means you can focus on the potential clients who may best fit your business. Your call and qualification criteria may change as you evolve your business, but the overall process will probably remain the same so why not outsource it?

We can get an initial idea of what your potential client needs allowing you to determine how your business matches with that need. We’ll ask about timelines, the decision making process and where they are in that process. We can even share a loose idea of charges, combined with an outline of payment terms if required or run a little background research on the prospect. If they don’t pass all the criteria it doesn’t necessarily mean a prospect won’t become a client, but it will help you focus on pursuing the opportunities with the most potential.Outsourced telemarketing services | © one-resource.com

Once qualified, we’ll maintain sales momentum by developing a strategy with you for all ongoing calls and follow-up action. By making your follow up calls for you we can assist prospects in their decision process and help make sure they’ll really want to work with you!

If you would like support with your tickle list take advantage of our outsourced telemarketing services by calling us for a free consultation to manage in-coming calls and follow-up for you.

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What our customers say

Oneresource assisted with the organisation of trade shows ensuring that all requirements were met. They also made follow up calls to prospective clients on my behalf and I was kept informed of progress at all times. I found Oneresource to be efficient and effective at a time when my business was growing and I needed solid support.

Our company has since changed direction and we have now employed a full time person but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use Oneresource in the future should our business require it.

Director, Taste Direct Ltd